I am Marloes

A business owner and business mentor, originally from The Netherlands, living in our farm house in France with my husband Olav and our two boys. We moved here because we had always dreamed of living closer to nature, enjoying a more peaceful lifestyle, baking pies and taking more time to spend with each other as a family. From here I run my two businesses The Happy at Work Agency, a career coaching agency with coaches throughout The Netherlands and my business coaching businesses in which my team and I help business owners create the business and life of their dreams.

I have created my dream life, the one I never thought would manifest so quickly. I feel so privileged to be able to live here and have my businesses support our beautiful life here all while my teams and I continue to grow our impact in changing people’s lives.

Manifesting what we want all starts with being honest and clear about what it is you really want and then taking determined consistent actions. While combining the masculine energy of focused action and perseverance with the beautiful feminine energy of allowing and trusting the Universe has your back.

Most of the time, it takes getting out of the way of everything trying to make its way to you, rather than doing more or working harder to make things happen. 

It is about finding ALIGNMENT with who we really are and living our truest expression of that. That, in my experience, leads to a happy and fulfilled life and a thriving business.

I have seen magic happen for myself and my clients. Yes, life can be this easy and magical…  

I invite you to take your dreams and desires seriously. To invite more ease and joy and abundance into your business and life. Many business owners struggle to make things happen or to achieve results.  I believe you can grow your business with so much more ease and joy when you learn to use the beautiful power of the feminine energy in your business, next to the amazing power of the masculine energy of strategizing, goal setting and taking determined action. 

I’d love to help you grow your impact and business from a place of ease, love, joy and abundance.

I started my career in the Venture Capital industry, then worked as a recruiter for the strategic consulting firm Bain & Company. I spent a few more years working in HR roles for international companies and provided business support to large corporations’ CEO’s before starting my career coaching agency in 2007. My business quickly grew to 6 figures and in 2015 I started coaching other business owners to grow their business.

Since 2015 I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs choose ease and joy in growing their business. I believe there is nothing woo woo about using the feminine energy and Law of Attraction. I have seen using this power in a perfect balance with the masculine energy, create big results for both my businesses and my clients.

Today, over 15 career coaches work with for The Happy at Work Agency. I spend my time mentoring business owners to dream much bigger, take leadership over their soul’s calling and to create the business and life they were meant to live and helps them make the biggest impact and experience the most joy.

I work from our beautiful country house in the wine region of Beaune, France, with clients from around the world.

Are you longing to create more business growth with much less effort? Are you willing to learn how to receive more abundance and joy?

I’d be so happy to help you grow your impact and results and create more ease and joy in your business and life!

Here’s how I can help you

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