attract more abundance into your business

Are you longing to grow your business with much more ease, trust and joy?


Master the crucial skills of creating business growth
using the power of the feminine energy

Feel you’re struggling to grow your business or working too hard to make things happen? Please know you are not alone.

Growing your business is challenging. It takes huge personal development steps and trial and error to find out how you can grow your business in a way that works for you and your clients.

With so much information on business growth strategies, it isn’t easy to know what’s the best way to create your success in a way that feels so much easier and more fun than you experience today.

Attracting more abundance in your business isn’t about strategy alone. I would love to share with you how you can allow the feminine energy in your process of creating success.

Mastering this will change the way you run and grow your business.

learn to master the crucial skills of attracting abundance and creating business success using the power of the feminine

In this training you’ll discover:

  • The 3 step process of allowing abundance and joy to flow into your business (made super actionable through fun worksheets!)
  • The essential mindset shift in how you set and achieve your goals, which is crucial to attracting abundance in your business and life
  • How many business owners block abundance from flowing into their business – and you may be doing too without your knowing…
  • How you stop blocking your success and how you train yourself to receive more 
  • The most important feminine business growth skill you’ll want to learn. This one takes some training, but I am going to make this super doable for you!


I’ll send you 3 videos and worksheets to guide you through the 3 steps process of creating business success and attracting more abundance.

I am Marloes Halmans.

Founder of career coaching agency The Happy at Work Agency and business mentor voor thought leaders who want to grow their business with integrity and fun. Joy and financial abundance are flowing in my business and life, without me working hard to make things happen. On average I work two days a week and spend the other days enjoying my life in a farmhouse with my husband and two boys in the countryside of France.

I started my career in the investment industry, strategic consulting and services businesses. Masculine environments that were all about pushing to create results. Working here has offered me the best training ever in understanding how to create success by taking determined actions and strategizing growth. But when I started my career coaching agency 2007 and quickly grew my business to six figures, I soon discovered this masculine way of creating success was only one part of the creation process. I realized I was doing something else that was crucial to my business success. I used my intuïtion and the universal laws of attracting abundance to grow my business with much less effort and a lot more ease and joy than most of my colleagues.

In 2015 I started teaching other entrepreneurs how to create the business and life of their dreams, by finding the perfect balance between the power of the masculine – goal setting, planning, determined action – and the beautiful soft power of the feminine – allowing the unfolding, trusting, relaxing and following guidance. 

I would be so happy to share what I have learned over the past 12 years with you in this training, so you can attract much more abundance and transform how you grow your business.


I’ll send you videos and worksheets to guide you through the 3 steps process of creating business success and attracting more abundance.

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