Let’s bring your business in alignment with your soul’s calling and
strategize your plans for growing your impact and bringing joy back in your business

Sometimes you just feel something is off in your business


You may be succesful in the eyes of others, but unhappy with how you are spending your time.

You may be proud of your fast growing business, but don’t really enjoy what you’re doing anymore.

You may not be sure about where you’re going, lack clarity on how to course correct or have no idea how to proceed now that things start to feel “off” or like too hard work.

This probably is a very confusing and challenging time for you. Having gone through similar times when both my businesses grew quickly, I can imagine how uncomfortable this may be for you.

You started your business to make a difference.
Your soul called you to bring something important to life.

Now your business has grown, you feel it isn’t completely in alignment with where you want to or should be and you feel it is time for a change.


You feel a strong drive to continue to grow.
You are ready to take the required action.
You want to be clear on where you’re going and enjoy the process.
You just don’t see how.


The thing is, your soul is going through evolutions and transformations as your business grows.

When your business doesn’t keep up with your soul’s evolution, you will experience a lack of alignment, which feels like discomfort, unfulfillment, boredom – recognize being sooooo bored with a large number of things in your business? – or simply feeling called to “the next thing” without knowing what it is.


When your business does not bring you joy,
there is a lack of alignment to what you’re doing and where you’re going



You being the founder of the business, your soul is closely tied to the soul of the business. Your personal alignment to the business’ goals and results is crucial. You need to get super clear on what you are bringing to the business in terms of energy, ideas and actions and where you are unconsciously blocking it from flowing or bringing you joy.

This feeling you have of everything being turned upside down is simply an invitation to redefine what you do and how you do things in your business.

It is an invitation to review what you want your business and your role in it to look like. To review your values and personal rules to live by. To take leadership on a new level and then take more aligned decisions and put them into action.

So your business continues to serve your mission and your personal dream lifestyle. 

I can help you untangle your questions and clear the noise,
so we can bring your business in alignment with your current soul’s calling. 


I am Marloes Halmans.


Founder of career coaching agency The Happy at Work Agency and mentor for business owners who want to grow their business from a place of abundance, trust and joy. I started my career in the venture capital, investment and strategic consulting industries. Masculine environments that were all about targets and pushing to make things happen.

As soon as I started my first business in 2007, I realized no success can come from the masculine energy alone. I learned, while building and growing two successful businesses over the years, that  continuously finding alignment – following my soul’s calling and staying true to myself and what I felt was right – was crucial to the success of my businesses.

I have created a life of true freedom for me, my husband and our two boys. What this took and still takes is for me to embrace my calling and to course correct whenever I feel my businesses are getting out of alignment with my personal and my soul’s evolution.

It takes courage and leadership to do this, but I can tell you: if you want to grow your business while feeling super excited about it, relaxed and joyful, finding alignment and taking actions the alignment requires really is the only way to go.

Sabine Wolters

“I run a leadership training institute with my partner. I really enjoyed my work but started to feel we were offering too many trainings on various topics and in different settings. This made running the business and launching our programs very intense. I wanted to experience more ease and fill our programs with less effort, but didn’t see how. What most helped me was understanding my ideal client avatar. It surely wasn’t the first time I looked at this, but since Marloes invited me to go much deeper on this than I had done before, I realized I was ready to acknowledge who I best serve and it was time to decide to focus on those clients exclusively. With Marloes’ help we changed our entire revenue model and positioning in the market. We realized our mission had shifted and we needed to let go of some of our programs and fully focus on launching one particular one. Getting this laser focus helped me get clarity on my message and it sparked numerous ideas on how to market our programs. We executed the launch strategy we developed with Marloes and have sold out our biggest program weeks before its starting date! That was a first! More importantly, we saw how focus makes launching so much more fun and effortless.  I no longer question the path I am on and the position we take in the marketplace. Marloes is an inspirational role model in how growing your business strategically and being super congruent can go hand in hand.”

Let’s bring alignment and joy back in your business


We meet in the wine region of Burgundy, France where I live, for a one-to-one individual retreat fully tailored to your specific needs. We’ll find dates that work for both of us. I offer these retreats throughout the year, but spots are limited as I only work this closely with a handful of clients each year.

Let’s discover whether this 4 day individual retreat is what you need to bring joy and direction back in your business.


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