The power of visualization

Both my husband and I work from home. All it takes for us to run our businesses is a laptop and an internet connection. I work about 2 days a week on average, except from one week every three months I come to The Netherlands for the retreats with my groups of clients. We live in the most magnificant place, in a beautiful farmhouse.  We have plenty of time to spend with our family, in our garden and to go for long walks in nature…
Even to us, this life still feels unreal sometimes and we really have to pinch ourselves to be sure it is really happening. We don’t take if for granted and feel grateful that we have created this for our family. But how did you do it? is what many people want to know.

The thing that helped us realize our dream: visualization

Of course it took tough decisions and taking risks. Both for the businesses in terms of changing the business models of my businesses, as well as for our family. We have long believed that the French school system woudn’t suit our boys and took that as a reason not to move here and the decision to just go and see how it would turn out was a tough one, as they didn’t speak any French. But what I know has most contributed to getting here is using the power of visualization. In my work as a business coach, I work a lot with visualizing. I have seen magic happen for both myself and my clients and truly believe visualization is the most crucial element of success. What visualization does is that it changes the way you look at your reality. It will help you see more opportunities for growth and success. I’ll explain exactly how and how to use the benefits of this in this blog.

In my work I share about the universal laws, such as the very well known Law of Attraction. I  often see people raise their eyebrows when I talk about this or they tell me they think it is vague and woo woo. What I often hear is that people think it simply “sounds too easy to be true”. That’s something that really moves me. Because what I’d want for any person is to live a life of joy and ease.

Because I so strongly feel visualization is crucial to creating success, the business or the life you want, I am thrilled to be able to tell you that it has been scientifically proven that it works.  Solid scientific proof, as a result of brain scans and studies, with exciting new findings just recently.

Visualization changes the lens through which you look at the world. It creates a powerful filter that will help you take more aligned actions to reach your goals and create the life, job or business that you dream of. I am delighted to share with you exactly how the power of visualization works in the brain.

Your brain has a powerful filter system

To begin to understand how this works, you want to understand that in your every day life, you are not seeing, hearing and sensing ALL of the stimuli that are there in every moment. If you would, you would go totally mad. Your brain has a filter system which allows it to not let in everything. It is a network of neurons that help you block out certain stimuli, and let in certain others. This filter is programmed by your thoughts, your beliefs and your feelings. You may already experience this: If you feel and think today is a beautiful day, you will probably see more beautiful things, like the flowers in your window, the sun peaking through the clouds, the smile from the lady at the coffee shop. When you think and feel your life is miserable, you will see that the tap is leaking, the grey clouds in the sky and the woman yelling at her husband in the coffee shop. In science this is called selective attention.

Your filter determines how you see your reality. Which implies that this filter will also determine how many and which opportunities you SEE in your every day life, to create the life that you want.

The filter is programmed by your thoughts, belief systems and feelings. We all have experiences in our life, in our family and in work experiences that shape how we see the world. You have come to believe certain things are true about you and your life. And the way our brain works is that it will always try to CONFIRM your beliefs. The programmed filter in your brain will continuously look for evidence of what you believe. In other words: it will only let in the stuff that is aligned with what you think and believe about yourself.

Reprogramming the filter

To change your life, or create more business success, you want to change this filter. In other words: you want to have a say in the selective attention! Wouldn’t it be magical if you could change the number of opportunities that are available to you, the “coincidences” on your path of the people you meet that could help you grow?
Well, you can!
You can change the programming. Using visualization is one of the ways to do this! The beautiful fact about our brain is that it can not distinguish that which is “real”, so facts that your senses see, hear and feel in the real world, from that which you imagine and see with your minds eye. What’s so beautiful about this, is that because the brain can not make this distinction it responds exactly the same way to that which you visualize as it would to that which you actually see.

How to use visualization to reprogram your filter

I invite you to close your eyes for a couple of minutes and envision what your life would look like if you achieved the goal(s) you long for: the house or job you want, the life you want, the level of success you dream of.
Make a clear picture in your head of how your life will be different, how you will be different, when you have achieved this. Next, be mindful of how this dream life feels. Notice the feelings you experience now that you’ve reached this level of success, are living in your dream house, started that business…
Notice how you can expand this positive feeling throughout your body. Notice how it feels totally REAL! Enjoy this wonderful feeling, anchor it in your cells. Do this for at least a minute, or as long as feels enjoyable. When you notice the joyful feeling fades, bring your awareness back to the here and now and open your eyes.

This small exercise has just caused tremendous action in your brain. Making more and stronger connections between the neurons and programming your filter. And I bet it made you feel wonderful, didn’t it!
Because you have changed the programming, your brain starts to point out to you the evidence of your success. The brain starts to spot opportunities for growth. Just like it did before, when it was only letting in the stuff that it agrees with based on the filter, it will now only let in stuff that is aligned and similar to that which you have visualized. Because again, the brain has responded to the images you have visualized, the feelings you have experienced while doing that, and it didn’t know none of this was real, so it started building stronger connections between neurons, creating a stronger networks of neurons that is now helping you look at reality through a different lens.

Learn more

In my work with clients we regularly spend time to do this together. Because it is of unspeakable value. And even though my clients know and acknowledge that, they don’t always carve out time on a regular basis to do this. Which is why we do it together!
I encourage you to make this a habit. If making it a habit is not something you see happening – we all have busy lives! – find accountability.

Would you love to create more business success, using the beautiful power of visualization and the feminine art of allowing, you are so welcome to join me and a beautiful group of like-minded entrepreneurs for my Bring the Feminine Back in Business Program.


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