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I just got off a coaching call with one of my clients.

She had felt marketing and finding clients had become more stressful over the last months.
She had learned to be strategic and consistent. Has been sending out regular newsletters, a monthly podcast, daily inspiration on social media and bi-weekly Facebook lives.

If this makes you go “OMG, I don’t do this much or any of this!!” breathe out… This is by far WAY MORE than I do in my business 🙂

Her question to me was: how can I make things easier?
She noticed she wasn’t getting much more response or more clients.

I am sharing my advice to her with you today.

Your potential clients want to feel you truly enjoy what you’re doing.

They want to feel your work matters to YOU.
Yes you want to talk about how you can help them.
But they want to FEEL this is the thing you love to do most.
That this brings you JOY.

They want to feel you work from a place of trusting you’re doing the right thing.
Enjoying every minute of it.
Celebrating your client’s progress.

My question to you today is:
How do you show the world you LOVE what you do?

Are you currently sharing this with potential clients? Or have you fallen into this trap of pumping out valuable content, how to’s, solutions to your ideal client’s problem?
All of this is good.
But it will be even more amazing when you sprinkle in messages and posts about how YOU are enjoying your work!

Today I invite you to share on your social media channels or a newsletter, how you totally enjoy what you are doing.
Here’s a few ideas to sprak your creativity:

  • share your excitement about a current or new project
  • celebrate the progress or success of one of your clients
  • show a behind the scenes of how you work – getting ready for a client session or meeting or recording a video –
  • write a thank you letter to your newsletter subscribers
  • share a video on why you started your business or the difference you want to make
  • tell them what specifically makes you happy about working with them

Potential clients will be attracted to you when you ooze confidence and joy about what you’re doing.

Confidence boosts your authority!
When they feel you know what you’re doing and trusting you’re doing the right thing, they will believe what you say and trust that you can help them.
“This (wo)man knows what she’s doing!!”

When you ooze joy they feel working with you will put them in a container of positivity and high vibes.

EVERYONE is attracted to positive vibes.

So when you’re having an off day and you feel you can not reconnect to joy today, please forget about the FB live you’d scheduled or the email you were going to send.
Don’t send your lower vibrations out to the world.
It won’t work and why would you?
Tomorrow will be another day!

When you learn to continuously reconnect to joy and find alignment, your business results will radically improve and you’ll feel so much better about growing your business!

So I hope you follow my advice and share how you truly enjoy your work, when it feels right for you to do that today!

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Sending you so much love!

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