The Universe is never testing you

Both for growing my own businesses and to help my clients grow theirs, I make understanding how exactly the Law of Attraction works in our everyday (business) life a priority. So much information is being shared about this, which is beautfiul. However, I see that when trying to work with it in your business and life, you run into situations and questions that seem contradictory to what you’ve understood and learned about the LOA and it may make you question what it all means.

I had a beautiful conversation with a fast growing and succesful business owner yesterday. She was hugely upleveling in her business and shared her recent huge wins and successes. Then she openly shared it also felt like things weren’t all flowing and some things actually had blocked or fallen apart. “Is this the universe testing me whether I am sure this is really what I want?” she asked.

This is a question many people ask themselves. And on social media I often see people post this and saying “Aaaargh! The Universe is testing me!”.

I do not agree. I do not believe the Universe is ever testing you. You see, the Universe is all about love and your highest good. It doesn’t care about testing you or checking whether you are sure about what you said you want. Why would it?

Let me explain why you sometimes may feel challenged or “tested” when manifesting and attracting the things you want. It may feel like a test, but it is actually something you have created and it is a very logical thing to happen when you are transforming and growing your business or making major life decisions.

Let’s go over the basics of how the Law of Attraction works before I explain what the testing feeling really is about.

How does the Law of Attraction work?

Everything starts with you asking for what you want. You don’t have to sit down to meditate or do a special ritual for this, although you can of course if this feels good to you. You are continuously asking for what you want by experiencing situations that you DON’T want and getting very clear on what it is you DO WANT. Really, it is that simple.

You have a client that is not happy with your services and complains to your customer service staff? You’re probably hurt by it, or frustrated. By acknowledging that something happened that you don’t like and wouldn’t want to attract more of, you get more specific clarity on what you do want: happy clients! And there you go. You’ve just sent out a desire to the Universe to get more happy clients.

Next, it is important to understand that the Law of Attraction responds to your emotions. The frequency or vibration of your feelings, thoughts and actions. So while you are thinking about happy clients and how they make you feel about yourself, your business success and your life, you are focusing on the things you DO want and raising your vibration to have it match the vibration of the thing you’ve asked for and want. The Universe will respond to this by sending you the things that match this vibration. A new client inquiery or maybe lots of positive responses to a social media post or sign ups for your free webinar.

But you’re only human.

So while you’ve asked for what you want and are raising your vibration by focusing your attention on positive thoughts, feelings and things, your mind will start talking to you… it will say things like: “Are you crazy! No business only has enthusiastic clients! You can not avoid getting a complaint every now and then.” You start to worry. You start to question whether you’re even capable of guaranteeing your client’s satisfaction. You start questioning whether your team should be trained, wether you’ve hired the right people. You suddenly see the face of your client x. Didn’t he look a little bored during your last group call. Is he maybe thinking he’s not getting enough value?

Recognize this?

This is absolutely normal and logical. It is your ego trying to protect you. It doesn’t want you to get hurt or be disappointed. And please do know that whenever you are making big steps for growth and are saying yes to really important and big things, your ego will come in to play the part it is meant to play in your creation process!

What happened in those 10 minutes you were questioning your competence, team and client x? Your vibration dropped. And the Universe will respond to the lower vibration by sending you results and manifestations that match with that lower vibration: An email from a client who bought your online training and who is asking  their money back as the training did not meet their expectations. A few no’s after sales conversations.

The beautfiul thing for those who understand the Law of Attraction is that we can always actively raise our vibration again by going back to what we DO want. Tuning in to how that would make you feel, focusing on the positive feelings and thoughts. This is the real work you want to do. Managing your vibration! Especially when it looks like you’re manifesting more of what you don’t want, like the examples above, the no’s after sales conversations.

So how come it sometimes feels like the Universe is testing you?

Picture this: you’re in the middle of a major upleveling after you’ve said yes to something big. Everything is going your way. Things are working, you feel in flow, you’re getting positive results. And then, all of a sudden, sales drop. You’re having a terrible month revenue wise. How come? Weren’t you feeling great, positive and confident all this month? WTF?

This is the moment your friends and you will say: “It is the Universe testing you!! Checking if you are really sure with this going BIG thing!”

But please hear me when I say this: it is not true.

The Universe is simply mirroring your fluctuating vibrations that preceeded the manifestations. Because when we make a big decision, we also feel some doubts and insecurities. Usually in the days or weeks before deciding to go big, you experience a rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions! And the Univserse will respond to ALL of these. But, there’s a big and very important but: there is always a slight delay between experiencing the emotions and the vibration, and the manifested response.

So, while you were riding the super positive wave of seeing one positive thing and success manifested one after the other, the Universe starts to respond to the doubts you had a few weeks ago. You experience this as a “dip” in your positive manifestations but it is simply the Universe’s response to what you felt back then. And please remember that you picked yourself up back then, didn’t you? You talked to people who love you, you put your focus back on the things you do want, you connected to how your upleveled business success would feel to you, you raised your vibration.
The Universe will respond to this vibration too! It is simply respecting the delay. So don’t panic! Don’t interfere with the Universe’s intelligence by thinking you should change or do something now that your manifested results seem to be “off”. Don’t question your decision. Don’t think you’re doing everything wrong and really need to act now to change the course of your manifestations. It is all going according to plan.
In a few days the Universe will start sending you the responses to your raised vibrations.

Your goal is to try to keep your vibration as high as possible for as long as possible. Knowing that you will never ever only have positive thoughts and vibrations! Duality is the essence of the Universe and your experiences here on earth will continuously offer you contrasting experiences to get more clarity on the things you want.

So your vibrations will always go up and down. And the Universe will always simply mirror that duality back to you in your manifested reality.

The Universe never tests you. The Universe is YOU. Please don’t ever freak out when you think you’re being tested. Simply focus your attention on how you want to feel. Don’t change your actions out of fear and anxiety. Because if you would, you’re sending out vibrations of fear and anxiety, and they will be mirrored back to you after a small delay, so you’re actually not fixing things but making them worse.

Paint the picture in your head of what your upleveled success looks like and how it makes you feel. Take a cup of coffee, crawl up in a comfy chair and enjoy seeing the images in your head and focus on the physical sensations. This is MAJOR catalyst for attracting more of what you want and asked for. Sounds too simple to work or too good to be true?
I know.
My clients tell me this all the time.
And that is why I believe you want to start practicing this today.
Because honestly, it is crucial.
As you’re focusing on what you want in a relaxed way, the Universe, your guidance, your inner knowing whatever you want to call it, will send you inspiration and ideas on what to do now to create more of what you want, if action is required. So lean back, enjoy and be open to receiving guidance. That’s it. That’s all you need to do.

The Universe is NEVER testing you.

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    Thank you for this it helped me so much.

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    Thank you! Exactly what I needed to hear right now.

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  3. Andia

    Thank you! This helped me so much ?

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      That is so wonderful to hear! Thank you Andia!


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